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Why is a sales video so important to a company?

Because it’s the one hire your company is ever going to make that is going to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
It’s going to work when the lights are off and everyone else has gone home. Why? Because the internet never sleeps, and the video we produce about your company won’t either. It will never call out sick, threaten to quit, disrupt the office, or send the oh so awkward email. I will however attract attention and who produced the video for you will determine if that attention turns out to be good or bad.
You can spend an enormous amount of money and effort on promoting and marketing your company’s products and services and still lose customers because they haven't made the decision to buy from you - it’s the message.
A sales video can’t be just a set of fancy shots, but instead an effective communication tool. Behind it, a professionally written script, created using proven sales technology and developed by people with over 10 years of communications and sales experience, designed to showcase your company to the world and generating the type of sales your company needs.
A customer who is trying to decide between you and your competitors is going to study and compare you to them based in no small measure on your website’s content. So, it’s a fact that the video content their attention lingered on the most worked the hardest to sell the product. Having the right product or services video can increase the chances that the client will choose you over everyone else.
Your employees send videos to customers who are thinking, have objections or can't decide to buy. The video handles their objections and can help close the sale.
Save the time of trying to explain all your benefits trying to convince the person to buy something, just show them a 3-minute video. The message is standard, on point, every time.
Customers who are looking for a solution on YouTube are more likely to see your video and reach out to you. We can help upload it to YouTube with the right optimization so more people can see it.
People don't have time to read very long emails, but they can spend hours looking at cat videos. Visual information is more readily perceived, and it’s understood 50% more than text. Why don’t you shorten the email and attach your video that’ll close the sale instead? Remember, it’s the hire that never stops working for YOU.
The sales video must be an effective communication tool if it’s anything at all. And it’s an investment that can earn your company money for many years to come.
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